We hold small groups for our college-age youth and a biweekly young professionals fellowship meeting. If you wish to find out more and receive communications about these meetings, please contact us


As a parish of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States, we enjoy the participation in a founded organization for campus ministry, Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries (OCCM). OCCM is a student-led organization, run by Orthodox students on campus, to harbor Orthodox Christian fellowship and make a difference on campus.


St. Mary & St. George Church has been and will continue to be a home for many university students while they earn their education.

The goal of Tallahassee Coptic Alumni is to give back to the Church that has helped so many of us. We have estimated that around 300 Copts have come through and graduated over the past 20 years. If we can get each to give a small amount of around $100 a month, we, as past students who have gained so much from the church, would be able to collectively contribute to the ministry of current and future generations at the Church. Of course, you will be able to adjust the amount as you see fit, but that is what we are basing our goal on. To relieve any concerns regarding privacy, all money will be donated to the church's PayPal account which goes directly to the church. Only the church treasurer has access to this account and will send anyone who donates the proper tax documentation at the end of the year. ​Thank you all for your continued support!