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Journey to Heaven - Children's CD

Our Church is excited to introduce the second Orthodox children’s CD, “Journey to Heaven”, presented by the Joy of Heart Children’s Choir. This CD is a celebration of living and understanding the Divine Liturgy in the Coptic Church.

Our Coptic Church is known for its hymnology and beautiful tunes, chanted both by the deacons and the congregation members throughout the services. This is in addition to the priest’s prayers of the Divine Liturgy, inspired by the scriptures and the great fathers of the church. The Divine Liturgy is a journey that takes oneself on earth to its final destination in heaven. Truly it is. For, we learn of God’s love through His creation; His compassion and grace which He bestowed upon us by the redemption of our sins through His only Begotten-Son our Lord Jesus Christ, with whom we unite at the end of liturgy through the partaking of His body and His blood in the sacrament of communion.

How to Purchase

  • Individual Orders: available to order on eBay for $7.99 per CD []

  • Church Orders: available to order via our donation page. The cost is $5.00 per CD.

    • Based on the number of CDs you want to purchase, enter the total amount in the “Donation Amount” field ($5.00 per CD).

    • In the “Campaigns” field, select “Journey to Heaven CD – Church Orders”.

    • Complete the rest of the information for the online payment, your contact information, and shipping address.

  • For questions, contact us at


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