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Board Members Qualifications & Responsibilities

Serving on the Board is borne out of love for Christ and obedience to the teachings of the Orthodox Christian Faith. Additionally, the privilege of serving on the Board is not a right nor is it a reward for some other accomplishment. A member of the Board understands confidentiality in service and is entrusted with leadership within the parish community by virtue of exemplary personal piety, cultivation of spiritual gifts, and the desire to worship Jesus Christ in His Church. 

In their service, Board members should strive: 

  • to assist the Priest who is the spiritual father and leader of the parish; 

  • to be knowledgeable about the Orthodox Faith; 

  • to follow the teachings of the Orthodox Church; 

  • to be good stewards and caretakers of God’s church and God’s property; 

  • to maintain exemplary attendance at the Divine Services; 

  • to be committed to the evangelizing mission of the Church; 

  • to be committed to personal spiritual formation through prayer, the study of the scripture, participation in the Mysteries, and the ascetic discipline of the Church; and

  • to be committed to the building up of the parish under the guidance and obedience to the Priest, so that always and everywhere there may be unity, mutual trust, cooperation, and love.

The secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Board. The secretary shall prepare with the president the agenda before each meeting. The secretary, along with the president, represents the Board of Deacons of the church in the General Board of the Diocese. 

  • Attend all Board meetings

  • Maintain all Board records and meeting minutes, and ensure their accuracy, confidentiality, and safety

  • Follow up with Board members on assigned projects and their status

  • Review Board minutes at the beginning of each meeting and provide status or closure on items

  • Provide notice of meetings of the Board and keep a recurring schedule


Property and Maintenance:

  • Responsible for building, equipment, janitorial, grounds, and security

  • Have knowledge and understanding of HVAC, electrical, and communications equipment

  • Manage and supervise outside contractors/vendors and grounds maintenance vendors

  • Identify and rectify problems as they occur as well as personally repair or arrange for repair

  • Must be available for immediate problem resolution at any time

  • Provide updates to the president and secretary on problem resolution

Parish Communications:

  • Professional in writing and translating English and Arabic 

  • Design and produce parish communications (paper or electronic) in English and Arabic

  • Engage volunteers to assist with all aspects of parish communications, including taking photos at events, participating in video development

  • Maintain congregation bulletin boards for announcements and postings in the building

  • Maintain collection of congregation contact information in a central database and maintain mailing/emailing lists

Auxiliary Services & Special Projects:

  • Visionary and capable of research and providing recommendations

  • Understand how to build a plan for a project with tasks and milestones 

  • Have the ability to serve, engage, and collaborate with multiple groups on a specific project to drive the desired outcome 

  • Demonstrate project management skills, time management, direct communication


The treasurer shall have charge of all income and expenditures of the parish. Cash, money orders, or checks are to be deposited in the parish bank account. All accounts should be operated under the signatures of the president and the treasurer. The treasurer is to prepare the annual financial report.

  • Understand financial accounting for nonprofit organizations

  • Serve as financial officer of the parish

  • Manage the Board's review of and action related to the Board's financial responsibilities

  • Ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the Board and to the Diocese on a timely basis

  • Work with the other Board members to ensure cost control in parish expenses and maintenance activities

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