If you are sick or have any symptoms, you must stay home or seek medical help if necessary. That is: if you have any fever, cold, cough, difficulty breathing, sneezing; you have recently traveled from another state or country; have come in contact with travelers; or have come in contact with people that tested positive. Please do not register for the services unless you have quarantined for 14 days and have no further symptoms.

Vespers & Midnight Praises: Registration is not required for vespers and midnight praises. 

Divine Liturgy: Registration is required.

  • Only 1 liturgy registration per person is permitted per registration cycle (every two weeks). 

  • The congregation will be informed via a text message when it is permitted to register for a second time during the same cycle.

  • In addition, you may check spots availability the day before any Divine Liturgy. If there is availability (while you may have already attended a liturgy or registered for an upcoming liturgy), you may register.

  • Registration for Divine Liturgies closes at 9:00 p.m., the eve of the Liturgy.


  • Do not register for the sake of “reserving a spot”. Only register when you are certain of your attendance.

  • You must notify Abouna if you cannot make it. Do not swap or give your spot to someone else if you need to cancel your registration. You must notify Abouna so individuals on the waitlist can be cleared in the order of their request.

  • Do not register children 12 years old and younger. Ensure they stand by you [the parent] during the Divine Liturgy. 

  • Liturgies shall be on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

    • Wednesday and Saturday: Mix language (Arabic/C​optic/English)

    • Sunday: English and Coptic

  • If your schedule is flexible, book weekday liturgy in order to accommodate working people on Saturday and Sunday.


  • Wash your hands.

  • For ages 4 and up, face coverings/masks are required and for the duration of the Liturgy. This includes deacons. 

  • Bring your own headscarf [women], handkerchief—if you have one, hand sanitizer, and water bottle.


  • Arrive between 8:30-8:45 a.m. to stand in line and be screened by medical personnel. Church doors are closed and locked at 8:55 a.m. If the doors are closed, do not pound on any of the church doors. No further admissions once the doors are locked.

  • Face coverings/masks (for ages 5+) should be worn as soon as you exit your vehicle.

  • Use the hand sanitizing stations and sanitize your hands upon entering the church.


  • Face masks/face coverings are required for all attendees and deacons. Please keep your face mask on for the duration of Liturgy. 

  • Stand only in the marked spot in the pew, which will require at least 6 feet between people. 

  • You may be sharing a pew with another household, but physical distance is required in between (6 feet).

  • So that we can accommodate a little more individuals per liturgy, ​parents and their children (all ages) may stand together in the short pews. For example, a mother and her children can stand together in a short pew on the women's side; a father and his children can stand together in a short pew on the men's side.


  • Please keep your face mask on the whole time until the time of Holy Communion. Wipe your mouth with tissues or wipes after you take off your mask before receiving the Holy Communion. After you receive the Holy Communion, please re-mask immediately as you head back to your pew.

  • One person at a time will come forward from his/her pew to partake of the Eucharist, approaching from the side row by row and returning to your seat through the middle aisle.


  • After the final benediction, parishioners must remain in their pew.

  • Each pew, in order from front to back, proceeds to receive the Ologia (korban) from Abouna. 

  • Please depart after you receive the Ologia. There is no agape meal or coffee hour. 

  • You can drop your weekly offering as you depart in any the donation boxes in the back of the church. You may also give through online giving.

  • Please do not congregate outside. 


  • We will continue to implement cleanliness and sanitation practices between every liturgy, including disinfecting pews, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces. 

  • Please follow the CDC recommendations regarding your own health. If you fall into an "at-risk" category, please stay home and join us online.

Because our church cares fervently about her beloved, more vulnerable and high-risk parishioners and upon the review of current CDC guidelines, a team of physicians from our parish have consulted and highly recommend that high-risk individuals (adults aged 65 and older; people with lung disease, heart disease, or decreased immunity) should postpone their return to attend the services and continue to abide by the stay-at-home guidance. The pandemic cases have not stabilized. We totally understand the difficulty and inconvenience of the situation, but this recommendation is for your safety and well-being.


The Coptic Orthodox Church is rich with evangelistic and ascetic life, apostolic teaching, genuine patriotic inheritance, heavenly worship, spiritual rituals, effective and living hymns, and beautiful icons. It carries life and thought to the contemporary man without deviation. More >>

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